World Fantasy Convention

What is the World Fantasy Convention?

The World Fantasy Convention is an annual gathering (almost a reunion) of professionals, collectors, and others interested in the field of Light and Dark Fantasy art and literature. The number of Attending memberships are limited (to 850), and usually sell out in advance of the start of the convention.

The main features of the convention are the World Fantasy Awards, presented at a banquet on Sunday afternoon of each convention and the large Friday-evening autograph reception. Cost of the banquet is separate from the cost of membership.

An area of the convention that helps define its character is the Dealers Room.Usually there are about 50 tables of merchandise (limited to art and literature), almost all of which are collectible and new publications. There is also a very high quality Art Show, which includes some works for sale as well as displays of art from the top published artists in the field. Entry into both the Dealers Room and Art Show is juried, and should be requested well in advance of the convention. Books/art work need to be of appropriate subject matter. The convention reserves the right to exclude material which it deems of an inapproriate nature.

World Fantasy Convention is also defined by what it does not include. Few members wear costumes, there is no gaming or masquerade, and if any films or videos are shown they are tied directly into the literature.

The convention program features many of the attending professionals. It's not unusual for members to include over 200 published authors, 80 artists, 35 editors, and many of the rare book dealers in the field. Members come from all over the world,and the convention site also travels around the world. For those interested in bidding on a future WFC, please read our information on bidding as well as what's expected of a successful bidder.

We hope to interest you in attending!

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