World Fantasy Convention

1978 World Fantasy Award
Winners and Nominees

1978 World Fantasy Awards Ballot

WFC, held in Fort Worth, TX, was chaired by Michael Templin.
Judges were Charles N. Brown, Carl Jacobi, Stephen King, T.E.D. Klein and Karl Edward Wagner.

Life Achievement Winners

winner Frank Belknap Long


winner Fritz Leiber, Our Lady of Darkness
Stephen R. Donaldson, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever
Charles L. Grant, The Hour of the Oxrun Dead

Short Fiction

winner Ramsey Campbell, "The Chimney"
Ramsey Campbell, "Loveman's Comeback"
Avram Davidson, "Manatee Gal, Ain't You Coming Out Tonight"
Harlan Ellison, "Jeffty Is Five"
Charles L. Grant, "When All the Children Call My Name"
Jack Vance, "The Bagful of Dreams"


winner Hugh B. Cave, Murgunstrumm and Others
Robert Bloch, Cold Chills
Fritz Leiber, Swords and Ice Magic
Gerald W. Page, ed., Year's Best Horror Stories V
Stuart David Schiff, ed., Whispers


winner Lee Brown Coye
Stephen Fabian
Tim Kirk
Michael Whelan

Special Award - Professional

winner E. F. Bleiler
Ballantine Books (The del Reys)
Edward L. Ferman
Donald A. Wollheim

Special Award - Non-Professional

winner Robert Weinberg
Jonathan Bacon
W. Paul Ganley
Garry Hoppenstand
Stephen Jones
Harry O. Morris

Convention Award

winner Glenn Lord
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