World Fantasy Convention

1980 World Fantasy Award
Winners and Nominees

1980 World Fantasy Awards Ballot

WFC, held in Baltimore, MD, was chaired by Chuck Miller and Tim Underwood.
Judges were Stephen R. Donaldson, Frank Belknap Long, Andrew J. Offutt, Ted White and Susan Wood.

Life Achievement Winners

winner Manly Wade Wellman


winner Elizabeth A. Lynn, Watchtower
Charles L. Grant, The Last Call of Mourning
Elizabeth A. Lynn, The Dancers of Arun
Patricia A. McKillip, Harpist in the Wind
Patricia Wrightson, The Dark Bright Water
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, The Palace

Short Fiction

winner Ramsey Campbell, "Mackintosh Willy"
winner Elizabeth A. Lynn, "The Woman Who Loved the Moon"
T.E.D. Klein, "Petey"
Fritz Leiber, "The Button Molder"
William F. Nolan, "Saturday's Shadow"


winner Jessica Amanda Salmonson, ed., Amazons!
Robert Asprin, ed., Thieves' World
Terry Carr, ed., The Year's Finest Fantasy, Volume 2
Charles L. Grant, ed., Nightmares
Charles L. Grant, ed., Shadows 2
Stuart David Schiff, ed., Whispers II


winner Don Maitz
Stephen Fabian
Boris Vallejo
Michael Whelan

Special Award - Professional

winner Donald M. Grant for Donald M. Grant, Publisher
Lester del Rey for Del Rey Fantasy
Pat LoBrutto for editing
James Turner for editing
Donald A. Wollheim for DAW Books

Special Award - Non-Professional

winner Paul C. Allen for Fantasy Newsletter
Pat Cadigan & Arnie Fenner for Shayol
Harry O. Morris for Nyctalops
Stuart David Schiff for Whispers &, Whispers Press

Convention Award

winner Stephen King
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