World Fantasy Convention

1993 World Fantasy Award
Winners and Nominees

1993 World Fantasy Awards Ballot

WFC, held in Bloomington, MN, was chaired by Greg Ketter.
Judges were Roland J. Green, Barbara Hambly, Kathryn Ptacek, Steve Rasnic Tem and Brian Thomsen.

Life Achievement Winners

winner Harlan Ellison


winner Tim Powers, Last Call
Kim Newman, Anno Dracula
Geoff Ryman, Was
Steve Szilagyi, Photographing Fairies
Jane Yolen, Briar Rose


winner Peter Straub, "The Ghost Village"
Jonathan Carroll, "Uh-Oh City"
Charles de Lint, "Paperjack"
Bradley Denton, "The Territory"
Nina Kiriki Hoffman, "Unmasking"

Short Fiction

winner Dan Simmons, "This Year's Class Picture"
winner Joe Haldeman, "Graves"
Poppy Z. Brite, "Calcutta, Lord of Nerves"
Charles de Lint, "Bridges"
Nicholas A. DiChario, "The Winterberry"
Lisa Goldstein, "Alfred"
Martha Soukup, "The Arbitrary Placement of Walls"


winner Dennis Etchison, ed., MetaHorror
Peter Crowther, ed., Narrow Houses
Richard Gilliam, Martin H. Greenberg & Edward E. Kramer, ed., Grails
Don Hutchison, ed., Northern Frights
F. Paul Wilson, ed., Freak Show


winner Jack Cady, The Sons of Noah and Other Stories
Greg Bear, Bear's Fantasies
James P. Blaylock, Lord Kelvin's Machine
Charles de Lint, Spiritwalk
John Kessel, Meeting in Infinity
Norman Partridge, Mr. Fox and Other Feral Tales


winner James Gurney
Jill Bauman
James Christensen
Alan M. Clark
Harry O. Morris

Special Award - Professional

winner Jeanne Cavelos for Dell/Abyss
James Gurney for Dinotopia
Martin H. Greenberg for anthologies
Grant Morrison & Klaus Janson for Batman Gothic
Terri Windling for book editing

Special Award - Non-Professional

winner Doug & Tomi Lewis for Roadkill Press
John & Kim Betancourt for Wildside Press
Richard Chizmar for editing and, Cemetery Dance
George Hatch for Horror's Head Press
Joe Stefko & Tracy Cocoman for Charnel House
Stanislaus Tal for Tal Publications
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