World Fantasy Convention

1997 World Fantasy Award
Winners and Nominees

1997 World Fantasy Awards Ballot

WFC, held in London, UK, was chaired by Jo Fletcher.
Judges were Paul Barnett, Nancy A. Collins, Rachel Holmen, Joe R. Lansdale and Diana L. Paxson.

Life Achievement Winners

winner Madeline L'Engle


winner Rachel Pollack, Godmother Night
Terence M. Green, Shadow of Ashland
William Kotzwinkle, The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Marc Laidlaw, The 37th Mandala
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones
Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson & Kate Elliott, The Golden Key
Mark Sumner, Devil's Tower


winner Mark Helprin, "A City in Winter"
Suzy McKee Charnas, "Beauty and the Opera or the Phantom Beast"
George R.R. Martin, "Blood of the Dragon"
Susan Palwick, "GI Jesus"
Michael Marshall Smith, "Hell Hath Enlarged Herself"

Short Fiction

winner James P. Blaylock, "Thirteen Phantasms"
Dennis Etchison, "The Dead Cop"
Graham Masterton, "Underbed"


winner Patrick Nielsen Hayden, ed., Starlight 1
Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds., The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, Ninth Annual Collection
Katherine Kerr and Martin H. Greenberg, eds., The Shimmering Door
Stephen Jones & David Sutton, eds., Dark Terrors 2: The Gollancz Book of Horror


winner Jonathan Lethem, The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye
Richard Chizmar, Midnight Promises
Terry Lamsley, Conference With the Dead
Thomas Ligotti, The Nightmare Factory
James Morrow, Bible Stories for Adults
Norman Partridge, Bad Intentions
S.P. Somtow, The Pavilion of Frozen Women


winner Moebius (Jean Giraud)
Thomas Canty
H.R. Giger
J.K. Potter

Special Award - Professional

winner Michael J. Weldon for The Psychotronic Video Guide
Diana Wynne Jones for The Tough Guide to Fantasyland
Stephen Jones for editing and anthologies
David Pringle for contributions to the genre
Kristine Kathryn Rusch for editing, F&SF

Special Award - Non-Professional

winner Barbara & Christopher Roden for Ash-Tree Press
Fedogan & Bremer for book publishing
Paula Guran for Dark Echo

Convention Award

winner Hugh B. Cave
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