World Fantasy Convention

Bidding for The World Fantasy Convention


Bid requirements are in the process of being revised and expanded. Please contact for more information.

It is suggested that bids be presented in writing to the World Fantasy Board in advance of the Convention hosting the bidding. Contact for addresses. Personal presentation is required at the convention. The Board meets on Friday of each Convention to review future WFC site bids.

Contracts and notes could be text documents or pdf files, whichever's easier, for posting into Board's web Files area where members can access them. Floor plans could be URLs or pdf files. The bid packet should include:

Theme Of Convention

2-4 possible theme(s) for the convention and a few lines about each (no GoH proposals, please.) Elaborate as to tie-in to the Program events, but specifically not Guests of Honor (the Board does not wish to make a bid contingent upon personalities, or to give offense to respected personalities in the process of inevitably rejecting some bids), and the convention site.

Hotel Agreement

Offer(s) or proposed contract(s) from all venues each bid intends to use, showing dates, sleeping room commitments and rates, function space commitments, suite availability and rates, corkage policy, etc.

The following are minimum size recommendations (suggestions, not requirements) for a facility (or combination of facilities) being sufficient to host a WFC:

  • Hotel Rooms: 325-350 (including overflow hotel(s))
  • Function Space: 15,000 square feet

Space Requirements

These requirements apply primarily to North American conventions. Non-North American conventions may have slightly different requirements.

The World Fantasy Program will consist of two programming rooms and two rooms for readings. There will be a Book Room and an Art Show. One of the signature elements of the World Fantasy Convention is the Mass Signing on Friday evening.

  • Programming rooms: 2000 to 2500 square feet (with at least one room closer to 2500 square feet)
  • Reading rooms: 500 to 1000 square feet.
  • Dealers' Room: 8000 to 10000 square feet
  • Art Show: 2000 to 3000 square feet.*
  • Mass signing: 9,000 to 10,000 square feet plus.**
  • Banquet seating: seating for 300, usually rounds of 8 to 10

* Note: the Art Show size is a minimum suggestion. The Art Show may be larger if the amount and the quality of the art displayed justify a larger space.

** Note: The Mass Signing requires space for the actual signings plus space for light hors d’oeuvres and snacks. Additional space should be allotted for the food set up, which is usually in the foyer or a pre-function space, but can be in the room if the conditions warrant. In these cases, a larger space will be required. If required by space considerations, some programming space may be used as part of the Mass Signing as nothing is scheduled against it.

Other space considerations: storage space for book bags and other materials, offices, and registration. Bidders should also plan for space for assembling book bags prior to the start of the convention.

Function Space Map & Floor Plans

Bid Committee Members and Their Qualifications

Current committee list, including discussion of their prior WFC participation, and discussion of future concom and staff resources

Convention Site

  • Notes on airport access (nearest, nearest international, flights/day)
  • Notes on general location: restaurants and shops, parking, touristing options

World Fantasy Convention Board Meetings

Board meetings are held at each World Fantasy Convention, generally on Sunday morning. The first part of the meeting is open to all Convention members. The latter part of the meeting is closed since it includes a confidential Site selection discussion by the Board of those bidders who presented in the first part of the meeting.

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