2017 World Fantasy Awards℠

Awards presented during the World Fantasy convention held November 2-5, 2017 in San Antonio, TX.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Terry Brooks
Marina Warner

Best Novel

Best Long Fiction

Best Short Fiction

  • “Das Steingeschöpf”, G.V. Anderson (Strange Horizons 12/12/16)
  • “Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies”, Brooke Bolander (Uncanny 11-12/16)
  • “Seasons of Glass and Iron”, Amal El-Mohtar (The Starlit Wood)
  • “Little Widow”, Maria Dahvana Headley (Nightmare 9/16)
  • “The Fall Shall Further the Flight in Me”, Rachael K. Jones (Clockwork Phoenix 5)

Best Anthology

Best Collection

Best Artist

Special Award, Professional

Special Award, Non-Professional

2017 World Fantasy Convention℠

Dates: November 2 – 5, 2017
Site: Wyndham Riverwalk
City: San Antonio, TX
Theme: TBA
Guests of Honor: TBA

Chair: Renee Babcock and Jonathon Miles

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Winners & Nominees

First NameLast NameYearCategoryTitleFinal
Terry Brooks2017Life AchievementWinner
Marina Warner2017Life AchievementWinner
N.K.Jemisin2017NovelThe Obelisk GateNominee
ClaireNorth2017NovelThe Sudden Appearance of HopeWinner
MattRuff2017NovelLovecraft CountryNominee
KijJohnson2017Long FictionThe Dream-Quest of Vellitt BoeWinner
VictorLaValle2017Long FictionThe Ballad of Black TomNominee
SeananMcGuire2017Long FictionEvery Heart a DoorwayNominee
Paul F.Olson2017Long Fiction"Bloodybones"Nominee
KaiAshante2017Long FictionA Taste of HoneyNominee
G.V. Anderson 2017Short Fiction"Das Steingeschöpf"Winner
Brooke Bolander 2017Short Fiction"Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies"Nominee
Amal El-Mohtar 2017Short Fiction"Seasons of Glass and Iron"Nominee
Maria Dahvana Headley 2017Short Fiction"Little Widow"Nominee
Rachael K. Jones2017Short Fiction"The Fall Shall Further the Flight in Me"Nominee
Mike Allen2017AnthologyClockwork Phoenix 5Nominee
Jack Dann 2017AnthologyDreaming in the DarkWinner
Ellen Datlow 2017AnthologyChildren of LovecraftNominee
John Joseph Adams 2017AnthologyThe Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2016Nominee
Karen Joy Fowler 2017AnthologyThe Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2016Nominee
Navah Wolfe 2017AnthologyThe Starlit WoodNominee
Dominik Parisien 2017AnthologyThe Starlit WoodNominee
Joe Abercrombie 2017CollectionSharp EndsNominee
Tina Connolly2017CollectionOn the Eyeball Floor and Other StoriesNominee
Jeffrey Ford 2017CollectionA Natural History of HellWinner
L.S. Johnson 2017CollectionVacui MagiaNominee
Ken Liu 2017CollectionThe Paper Menagerie and Other StoriesNominee
Greg Bridges2017ArtistNominee
Julie Dillon2017ArtistNominee
Paul Lewin2017ArtistNominee
Jeffrey Alan Love2017ArtistWinner
Victo Ngai2017ArtistNominee
L. Timmel Duchamp 2017Special - Profor Aqueduct PressNominee
C.C. Finlay 2017Special - Profor editing F&SFNominee
Farah Mendlesohn2017Special - Profor Children's Fantasy Literature: An IntroductionWinner
Michael Levy 2017Special - Profor Children's Fantasy Literature: An IntroductionWinner
Kelly Link 2017Special - Profor contributions to the genreNominee
Joe Monti 2017Special - Profor contributions to the genreNominee
Scott H. Andrews 2017Special - Non-Pro for Beneath Ceaseless SkiesNominee
NeileGraham2017Special - Non-Profor Clarion WestWinner
Michael C. Phifer2017Special - Non-Profor The Fantasy Illustration LibraryVolume Two: Gods and Goddesses Nominee
Malcolm R. Phifer 2017Special - Non-Profor The Fantasy Illustration LibraryVolume Two: Gods and Goddesses Nominee
Michael DamianThomas2017Special - Non-Profor UncannyNominee
Lynne M. Thomas 2017Special - Non-Profor UncannyNominee
BrianWhite2017Special - Non-Profor Fireside Fiction CompanyNominee

2003: World Fantasy Convention℠ 2003

Dates: October 30-November 2, 2003
Site: Hyatt Regency Washington
City: Washington, DC
Theme: Dark Fantasy: Honorable Traditions
Guests of Honor: Brian Lumley, Jack Williamson (appeared via video interview)
Artist Guest of Honor: Allen Koszowski
Publisher Guest of Honor: W. Paul Ganley
Master of Ceremonies: Douglas E. Winter
Chair: Michael J. Walsh

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Winners & Nominees

First NameLast NameYearCategoryTitleFinal
LloydAlexander2003Life AchievementWinner
Donald M.Grant2003Life AchievementWinner
GrahamJoyce2003Novel"The Facts of Life"Winner
Patricia A.McKillip2003Novel"Ombria in Shadow"Nominee
JeffreyFord2003Novel"The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque"Nominee
GregoryFrost2003Novel"Fitcher's Brides"Nominee
ChinaMiéville2003Novel"The Scar"Nominee
ZoranZivkovic2003Novella"The Library"Winner
Charlesde Lint2003Novella"Seven Wild Sisters"Nominee
PaulDi Filippo2003Novella"A Year in the Linear City"Nominee
ElizabethHand2003Novella"The Least Trumps"Nominee
JeffreyFord2003Short Fiction"Creation"Winner
JeffreyFord2003Short Fiction"The Weight of Words"Nominee
NeilGaiman2003Short Fiction"October in the Chair"Nominee
StephenGallagher2003Short Fiction"Little Dead Girl Singing"Nominee
William BrowningSpencer2003Short Fiction"The Essayist in the Wilderness"Nominee
EllenDatlow2003Anthology"The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest"Winner
TerriWindling2003Anthology"The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest"Winner
JeffVanderMeer2003Anthology"Leviathan 3"Winner
ForrestAguirre2003Anthology"Leviathan 3"Winner
EllenDatlow2003Anthology"The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fifteenth Annual Collection"Nominee
TerriWindling2003Anthology"The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fifteenth Annual Collection"Nominee
PeterStraub2003Anthology"Conjunctions 39: The New Wave Fabulists"Nominee
Brian M.Thomsen2003Anthology"The American Fantasy Tradition"Nominee
JeffreyFord2003Collection"The Fantasy Writer's Assistant and Other Stories"Winner
Charlesde Lint2003Collection"Waifs and Strays"Nominee
RobinMcKinley2003Collection"Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits"Nominee
PeterDickinson2003Collection"Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits"Nominee
RichardParks2003Collection"The Ogre's Wife"Nominee
JeffVanderMeer2003Collection"City of Saints and Madmen"Nominee
ChetWilliamson2003Collection"Figures in Rain"Nominee
Kinuko Y.Craft2003ArtistNominee
John JudePalencar2003ArtistNominee
GordonVan Gelder2003Special - Pro"The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction"Winner
PaulBarnett2003Special - ProPaper Tiger art booksNominee
EllenDatlow2003Special - ProeditingNominee
William K.Schafer2003Special - ProSubterranean PressNominee
GaryTurner2003Special - ProGolden Gryphon PressNominee
MartyHalpern2003Special - ProGolden Gryphon PressNominee
TerriWindling2003Special - ProeditingNominee
JasonWilliams2003Special - Non-ProNight Shade BooksWinner
JeremyLassen2003Special - Non-ProNight Shade BooksWinner
BenjaminCossel2003Special - Non-ProNight Shade BooksWinner
PeterCrowther2003Special - Non-ProPS PublishingNominee
GavinGrant2003Special - Non-ProSmall Beer PressNominee
KellyLink2003Special - Non-ProSmall Beer PressNominee
SeanWallace2003Special - Non-ProPrime BooksNominee
Michael J.Walsh2003Special - Non-ProOld Earth BooksNominee