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World Fantasy Convention Board Requirements

Board Requirements of a Successful Bidder

Each World Fantasy Convention is awarded by the WFC Board of Directors on the basis of the bidder complying with guidelines and conditions set by the Board. Some of these conditions are as follows:

Autograph Session

The Autograph Session is traditionally programmed for Friday evening of the Convention. Hand carts of other devices which might block aisles or make it difficult to navigate are not allowed.

It is suggested that high-draw professionals be seated in areas to allow for lines to form without interfering with the traffic flow. Conventions may limit the number of books that can be autographed each time through the line.


Nomination ballots need to go to members of the current Convention plus members of the past two year's Conventions. Proof copy of ballot needs to be sent to the World Fantasy Awards Administrator prior to printing for review. Program must not compete with the Awards Banquet & Ceremony on Sunday afternoon.


It is particularly required by the Board that all members get the same badge and that, except for the Honored Guests and committee, no distinctions be made among classes of badges. This means especially that there be no special badges or ribbons, etc., to distinguish "pro" from the rest. In this sense everyone at WFC is equal. However, a discrete method of denoting Art Show and Dealers' Room special access is allowed.

Suggested Guests Of Honor

When a bid is awarded, the Board will consult with the winner as to the official guest list, to avoid the same people being repeated. Bidders should consult the list of Guests of Honor who have already been selected. The Board is starting a list of guests to suggest to forthcoming conventions for slots such as Toastmaster.

Credit Cards

All future World Fantasy Conventions are asked to have the capability of accepting credit cards (at least Visa and MasterCard) from members. This would include the ability to charge dealers tables, art show sales, banquet reservations, and memberships. (passed by the Board at the 1995 meeting in Baltimore)

Dealers Room

Table sales or reservations may be made two years prior to each Convention's dates, beginning at the start of that WFC two years preceding.

Tables will be sold only to book/art dealers since that is the primary focus of the convention and the attendees. Sale of other items, such as jewelry, is only permitted where the items are art-quality (i.e. not craft work).

No swords, comics, media, or clothing. The Convention chairperson can revoke a dealer's space or order material withdrawn from display when inappropriate.

The Convention can make separate arrangements outside its dealers room to have t-shirts, totebags, etc. commemorating the Convention sold. An appropriate area might be at or near Convention registration.

Hotel Rooms Comped

It is suggested that Convention Committees offer their year's WFA Judges and the WFA Administrator each a complimentary hotel room (or at least a couple of room nights each). See Travel Allowances below.

Hotel Alternatives

It is suggested that the Committee notify members of any nearby lower-priced alternative hotel rooms in advance of the expiration of any room blocks.

Media Program

Video or film should not be shown, unless there is a specific tie-in with literary program items.

Membership Database

Each Convention is asked to pass its database of memberships (of all classes and types) on to the upcoming Conventions. This should be made available to them via hard copy and computer disk within two months of the end of the Convention. However, this file is to be kept confidential and not to be otherwise passed on to others.


Fees are set by each year's Convention within a framework established by the Board. It is expected that the cost of membership will progress step fashion until at least US$100 is reached for any memberships that are sold at the door (if any are available then). No memberships may be sold without advance authorization by the Board until the beginning of the Awards Banquet for the second preceding WFC (two years ahead). Inquire of the Board as to policy as to the details of the number of memberships that are allowed to be sold, though the published limit for Progress Reports has now been increased to 850.

WFC policy is: no free memberships. It is expected that no complimentary memberships will be given out, except to the Guests of Honor and their significant others. Discounted memberships are allowed to convention volunteers, dealers, and others in special circumstances, but the Board needs to be informed in advance. However, refunds of memberships post-Convention are permitted without the necessity of approval from the Board.


No book sold commercially outside of the Convention can be done using the WFC name. Any book using the Convention's name must be given away free to all members. The name WFC (or World Fantasy Convention) can't be used at any time without the Board's approval.

One-Day Memberships

No one-day memberships should be sold. Only the Board may make exceptions and then only on specific application from the Convention in advance.

Other Requirements

The Board may stipulate additional requirements of a particular year's Convention. This may, for example, include funding repair or replacement of the Award mold or passing on some funds to a future Convention.

Payment To Guests

Conventions may pay for travel costs, hotel room, memberships, and a per diem for the Official Guests. However, no appearance fees, speaking fees, or other honoraria may be paid to any Official or other guests (except as noted below under Travel Allowances).

Policy Statement

Individual conventions are encouraged to have a generally worded policy statement that the convention reserves the right to remove any attendee's membership for irresponsible or illegal behavior.


The Board has no claim, other than through its stipulations of limited amounts of funds for specific activities, on the net profit of the Convention. Should the Convention result in a net loss, the Board has no responsibility to cover such a loss.


The Board wants consultation by each Convention on the annual program. It should be kept to 2 or 3 tracks (the third limited to readings or other non-panel events). This is a serious obligation of all WFC Programs. Light evening program is okay as is light Thursday programming. Please review the program by the August 31 just prior to the Convention with David Hartwell, for the Board.

Our program is exclusive to the convention. No meetings for WHA, HWA, SFWA within programming hours. We do not invite or allow organizations to put items on the program. We would theoretically allow them to meet before or after the day program, but not during it, in competition with it.

Progress Reports

We request that at least the following Progress Reports (PR's) be sent to members. The first PR (it can be greatly abbreviated in content) should be ready for handing out following the banquet at the convention two years previous. Memberships can now be sold two years in advance.

A progress report should be sent out as early as February of the year of the convention, but must be mailed no later than May 1 of the year of the Convention, along with nomination ballots for the WFA. This is to be mailed to all members, plus members of the prior two years' Conventions. The ballots are due to the WFA Administrator in June.

Another PR is due out by June 1. It must include the Award ballots, and be sent to members of the current and previous convention.

A final PR must be sent out so that it will be received by members at least 30 days prior to the Convention date. These PR requirements are considered a serious obligation of all Conventions.

Revocation Of License

Should the Convention breach its duties to the membership and to the Board, the Board (through its Chairman) has the right to retract the award of the right to conduct a Convention. Should such revocation of license occur, all net funds remaining to that Convention are immediately payable to the future licensee as designated by the Chairman of the Board.

Travel Allowances

It is customary for Conventions to offer to assist in the travel costs of some "seasoned professionals" who might not otherwise be able to afford to attend the Convention, and to discuss such offers with the Board in advance if possible. It is also customary for the Convention to offer free rooms or room nights to the Award judges for that year. On occasion, the Convention may offer one or more of the Award winners a contribution toward expenses to attend, without necessarily telling them in advance that they have won.

Web Site

Each Convention is asked to pay its corresponding cost of domain registration and site administration. Each year's convention is asked to keep the Site Administrator updated with news. The expected annual cost for 1999 and beyond is $250. (passed by the Board at the 1998 meeting in Monterey.)
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